Custom Capabilites

Elastochem Specialty Chemicals Inc has many years of experience working with polyurethane. Whether it be chemicals or cast polyurethane parts our staff can custom make a product or part to meet your specifications.


Elastochem manufactures many different polyurethane and epoxy based chemicals and can custom manufacture a product for your specific application if we do not currently carry a suitable product. Whether it be a corrosion or abrasion, heat or cold resistant coating, a foam insulation, or adhesive, our chemists are ready to work with you to develop a product that will meet your specifications.

Elastochem is also experienced in resin design and pre-polymer systems.

Cast Polyurethane

Elastochem moulds a large range of cast polyurethane parts ranging from small seals to large rollers. Click for more details on our Cast Polyurethane Products.

Elastochem can custom mold parts for many different applications. Products can be produced in many different sizes, shapes, colours and hardness to meet your specifications. We can manufacture parts ranging from 20 Shore A, which is softer than rubber to 85 Shore D which is harder than a bowling ball.

Elastochem has on site mold making capabilities which means a quick turnaround time for prototypes and first off production runs. Our engineering and production teams have experience with producing many complicated manufactured parts. Elastochem is experienced in bonding polyurethane to metal and can include screws, bearing or other inserts in the cast polyurethane part. Our in house mould making capabilities and an extensive machine shop will allow us to meet our customer requirements.

The Features and Benefits of cast Polyurethane are superior to many other materials, in that it offers great abrasion and impact resistance, is available in a wide range of hardness, and can be static resistant. Because of it superior characteristics polyurethane can often replace metal, rubber or other plastics. Let Elastochem help you discover what polyurethane can do for you.

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